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Cans and Can Liners

We all love dogs, but one of the least lovable things about them is their ... um, leftovers. It is our duty to clean up after our best friends, but we admittedly don't love the idea of having their leftovers fragrantly impairing our home or yard. Sure, we may just throw the leftovers into a bag and dump them in our dumpster which is outside the house, but we know those leftovers attract insects of all kinds and our dumpster does not temper the smell.

We have some solutions for you. Here are some ideas for cans and liners that can help you clean up your dog's leftovers and dispose of them quickly and mitigate the smell - which then attracts fewer insects to your house. 

The liners are effective at scent containment, and the cans are made from durable materials so they will last a long time - and they come with lids that effectively keep the leftovers out of sight and nose from your family, neighbors and any bugs which like to snoop around. Make sure you dispose of your dog's leftovers effectively, and take the first real step by purchasing one of our quality cans and supplemental liners.
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Round Mesh Waste Can with Lid
Round Mesh Waste Can with Lid
Your Price: $125.00
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 CAN LINERS -16 gallon!  Extra Strong!  100% Earth Friendly!
CAN LINERS -16 gallon! Extra Strong! 100% Earth Friendly!
Your Price: $65.00
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